Hey UG,

I've never given much thought to the tone control, and on most of my guitars I actually disconnect it and just use a push-pull or switch to get more options. Then the other day I stumbled on this video:

Eric Clapton demonstrating tones

Around 2:25 he starts using his tone control and gets some really sweet tones out of it. Mine never sound that good, they always go from like, max to zero at the drop of a hat. (Same for volume control too; they don't clean up until rolled all the way down)

What's your advice for getting a better tone control? What caps/values should I use for a medium to high output humbucker to get a nice wide, usable range? I've been using .22 caps and 500k pots.

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i can get a pretty good woman tone with my stock epi SG, neck bucker with the tone at zero, thats supposedly all he ever did to get it. maybe with the tone at smt close to zero might get a slightly different tone, but i think all clapton used was stock guitars
You want humbuckers, and his Woman tone was achieved by driving it really rather hard through his Marshall. You don't really need any mods at all, but I think that for a woman tone you might actually be better off with 250k pots to tame the highs.
How but just for getting a more usable tone control? One that doesn't go from 0 to 10 with a tiny bit of a turn.

lol, somebody's gotta know what I'm talking about, this is so common on most guitars.
Want: EH Deluxe Memory Man, Warmoth Strat, Budda Superdrive 45
You mean linear taper.
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Clapton backs his tone all the way off, Middle position on the 3 way toggle so both humbuckers are on, neck pup on 10 and bridge pup backed off to about 7.