my range of price is anything about 500 dollars and under. i play mostly alternative rock and metal. i want something that can really handle metal well but also not be as harsh when i want to tone it down. it should have a good clean channel. also. no solid state or hybrid. nothing that is modelling with a bunch of effects. not too big either. around 30-50w tube. ive been thinking about getting the valveking 112. seems like the best deal. what do u guys think?
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get this.

If thats too much money even though I strongly recommend it.
get this.

Peavey Classic 30.

and then a TS9.
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The F-30 would be absolutly perfect for you. However it's a little out of range. It's worth saving up for but if you really can't, well, the VK is not that good. Other then that, maybe an RG50TC?
Dude the two amps I recommended to you are absolutely perfect.
Trust me.
Either amp will make you very happy.