well, i tried reworking the last one i posted up here, and ended up with something pretty different (i read the rules, and it said if its major changes we can repost it, and it seems pretty different to me haha). still rhyming alot, but i hope they're less forced sounding this time. i can't seem to write lyrics without feeling like the words need to rhyme haha. i'll have to work on that. anyways, V2:

I want to return to the forests, where tall trees grow
Leaving even my skin, I'll carry nothing in stow.
I'll listen to the river and learn of its dance.
Returning to life, after relieving my stance.

We can always stop this tiresome illusion,
Free our minds and end our pollution.
We can gather red berries and listen to the fish
Learning from those that existed before this.

Let's go back to the mountains and streams,
Hear the birds talk in their joyful screams.
We'll watch the clouds clash like giants of paper
We'll dull the edge of this sharpened razor.

So now I return the apple to the snake,
And give my soul to nature,
For it was always hers to take.

critiques welcomed on either one haha.