My amp is a peavey ultra plus. it works fine but i have a problem with it. When i turn it on, i leave it on for at least 30 seconds then take it off standby. Lately, every time i do this, i hear a loud pop/crackle. It's not the cables, i just replaced them and it stops immediately after. Then i hear a very distant humming noise, even with the guitar not plugged in. What can i do to fix this? the popping is really nasty.
1. do you turn you're pedals on around the time when you turn the amp on?
2. when you unplug the guitar from the amp while it's on the electricity doesnt have a place to go so it makes that humming, just turn the guitar volume off when you aren't playing it.
No, i turn the pedals on while it's in standby, then i turn it on.

And the hum is still there when its plugged in and the volume rolled off.
i would turn the pedals off b4 turning on the amp. i used to do that with my windsor but now i make sure everything is off b4 i turn it off standby.
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