hi guys ive been playing/Self Teaching myself for about 1 month now

I can do the Basic Chords and I can Switch From one Basic Chord to another...

but my trouble is with Bar Chords...

I can Play Bar Chords, problem is i Cant Switch to a Bar Chord during a song...

What i Have been doing is just Playing a Song where it has Bar Chords but its a Slow paced song and i can get my Fingers to Memorize the Shape and such...

is this a good thing to do?

like in this one song Called Viva La Vida BY ColdPlay..
the last part of the Chorus when he says

"But that was when I ruled the world"
theres a Slow Switch form Bm to Em

and even tho its slow i still manage to mess up if im not Fully Concentrated

so any help on this matter would be well appreciated =)
its called the pains of learnin the guitar, ull get it, practice it over and over...same thing when one day you decide you want to play some fast lick, u have to do it over and over
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ahh so I should just Keep at it?

Cause I was kinda Worried about Doing Something Wrong...

thx for the Reply =)
Sorry For the DOulbe Post

But I wanted to ask if anyone KNows any song that has Bar Chords thats not to hard
so i can practice?
Barre chords are hard, chances are your hands aren't quite strong enough or nimble enough. Also, whatever you do don't start off trying to play a F or B chord at the 1st fret...it's a lot harder to hold down the strings nearer the nut, practice the technique around the 5th or 7th fret instead. Don't look for a song that uses barre chords, just work on the technique itself for the time being.

The problem you're having is easily explained...certain chords can only really be played as barre chords if you want a low root, namely F, F#, Bb and B. It's because of the notes they contain, you can't use an open string as a root and there's no easy fingerings that can accomodate the root, 3rd and 5th using open strings. Once you get to the 3rd fret for root notes things open up again, but at the 1st and 2nd frets you've got little option other than to barre them. Even the more basic forms of those chords are simply the barred version missing a couple of notes.

However, that means that the first time you encounter barre chords they'll pretty much always be the hardest ones to play. Don't get me wrong, it's still a tricky technique to master but they're a lot easier to fret higher up the neck.
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thx for the advice but My problem isnt Playing the Chord itself...

I can Play Barre Chords ive been Practicing them alot and i can hold them down
my problem is Switching to a Barre Chord in a song...

SO should is Be Learning songs with Barre Chords? or just Practice Barre Chord by itself?

i also Have a Problme with the
F#m Chord ... I use my Pointer to Bar the 2nd Fret and I use my RIng and Pinky Finger for
the 4th fret 5th and 4th Strings my problem is My Pinky Mutes the 3rd String =/

the only way i can play it is if i move my wrist in a awkward Position which hurts so i know im doing it wrong... any Help on this matter?