A guy at school told me this...Is he right, could a ycs+a OD pedal get rectoish high gain sounds.

Now he told me it sounded EXACTLY like a recto, but I KNOW it's not gonna sound exactly like a recto. Would it get close though?

Is he an idiot or is does he know his stuff, I'm just curious to know

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Eh, the traynors can go pretty high gain. Won't sound EXACTLY like a recto, or maybe not even close. Will probably be a decent metal tone though.
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I haven't played out of one of those, but I hear they're mid-gain amps.

Mid gain amp + OD pedal will get you a metal tone, but it's going to be a different kind of tone than a high gain amp. Not like a recto though, maybe more like a boosted JCM 800
If you want recto on the cheap, look in the mesa f and dc series, can definitely do a good recto impression along with a being a solid all around versatile amp.
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I have a YCS100, the lead channel does have a rectoish tone, it's definitely not as low end heavy, nor does it have as much gain, but it with a od it's there. I couldn't say it sounds exactly like a recto, as it depends on what type of od you use, also I use a clean boost at the moment rather than an od.
the YCS series can get pretty heavy. but i don't think it'll sound like a recto. not say it won't be as heavy as one, i just don't think it'll sound like one.
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Well if you turn the modern and scoop switches on, turn the gain up, engage the boost and turn that up some as well.... it gets in the territory I suppose. Same idea... heavy sounding scooped tone. With a boost in front it gets tighter but I never use one. This amp can give you a wide variety of sounds without adding anything and it does a very good job at it. If you turn the switches off and turn the gain down to around 3 it gives you a nice Skynard tone as well... so there is really IMO all of music up to 90's metal available through this amp.