Ok pit. I have a Squier J Bass (400 AUD RRP). Yesterday i n00bishly didn't tuck my lead into the strap, and then, of course, with my one slipup, I stepped on the lead. It's rooted the input. Looking in the hole, I can see the plug bent at about ninety degrees to where it should be. There was a horrible crunching sound when it happened. The lead is fine. Is my bass screwed? Because I heard the J Bass line has a hideous mess of electronics under the faceplate. Help me, please!
if its not making sounds it might be broken
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Well, yeah, it's not making sounds. Let me rephrase my question: How badly broken is it? Can it be fixed, how much would it cost? Would I be better off getting a new bass? etc.
Its just your jack, its an easy fix. If you spend a dollar or so on a new jack, you could do it yourself if you wanted.
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