Ok so I am brand new to tube amps...so I need some advice and stuff here.

I just acquired a Randall RG50TC (lol good story by the way) and by my ignorance of the situation and of tube amps I blew a tube (or a few I dont know really)

I had my Boss RC-2 in the effects loop, and I didnt have the output cord plugged all the way in to the pedal (since i wasnt gonna use it i didnt wanna drain the battery and of course thats how you turn it off) . It was really quiet and I couldnt figure out why, and so when I saw that the cord wasnt in all the way I plugged it in (and in my ignorance of the situation I had volumes anywhere from 7 to 10 on the damn thing) and it went haywire and blew the tube. But luckily its only when I have the amp on channel 2 without the gain switch on the footswitch engaged. When I engage the gain switch, it goes back to normal operation.

So I've gathered from this thread that different tubes for different sounds. So I guess I would like some suggestions on which tubes I should be lookin at (I mainly like the hard rock/metal side of music so tubes that would cater to that would be fantastic), and how much both options would cost me.

My pre-amp tubes are EH 12AT7's, and the Randall website says that it has two 5881 power tubes. I looked in the first few pages of the tube thread and it didnt say anything about 5881 power tubes so I dont know what those are.

Any suggestions? Oh and how do I know if I have to re-bias it? And is that something a newbie to tubes could do?
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i would go to dougstubes.com and look up your amp as they have 'kits'. If you don't see it there then contact them and take their suggestion.

you can search here on 5881s as well as google.
you can search google on tube replacement tutorials.
you can search for your users manual on line at randall for biasing.

unfortunately, i don't think we have a Ultimate Randall thread.

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Can't help you with the rest, but 5881 is just another name for 6l6.
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Ok so I just looked now that I got home and heres the tube situation...

So my tubes hang down from the top and I'm not familiar with tube positions in any way shape or form but maybe someone can shed some light on that for me...

Anyways the power tubes are actually EH EL34's so he must have replaced them...and the furthest left tube is actually a EH 12AT7 (which i have looked on here and I guess thats the spot for the reverb driver? Anyone confirm this?) and the other 3 are EH 12AX7's. The furthest right one has a metal sheath over it, and im curious as to why that is...

So one more question would be what would it mean by a tube being "dark"? Does that equal better distortion but worse cleans? Just confused a lil bit there

Also, if I were to put in 4 JJECC83-S's for my pre-amp tubes and two JJ EL-34's for the power tubes...would this destroy my cleans but totally boost my distortion? I'd like to get a decent idea of what I'd be putting in before I shell out bucks for some new tubes.

Thanks for all the help tho guys I appreciate it

Also a bit off topic...thats a Celestion Seventy 80 in there...would it be worth the sound quality to upgrade that speaker? Or is that not really anything I need to think about with that one.

Thanks again guys
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I dont think you'll need to change the preamp tubes, but do it if you want. Changing tubes wont make a big enough difference to "destroy your cleans and boost distortion". Really, you probably wont be able to tell the difference, and if you can it wont be huge.
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I dont think you'll need to change the preamp tubes, but do it if you want.

If one of his channels isn't working when everything else is, that's a problem with a preamp, not a power tube, so yes he needs to replace them.

Dark is just a certain kind of tone, has nothing to do with whether it has good or bad cleans.

As for you tube choices, I'm a fan of JJ power tubes, but not so much on the preamps. They're decent, but I like the sound of mixed tubes over all JJs.
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I have the same amp, i bought it new a couple weeks ago. The preamp tubes are actually three 12AX7's and one 12AT7. Although on mine the AT7 is the third one if you look at the pre amp tubes like in your picture. If im not mistaken yours is actually the first one. If so, you may want to inquire about this because the previous owner probably changed up the tubes position and you may have an AX7 for your reverb and an AT7 elsewhere for gain or something. Ideally u would probably want your AT7 doing the reverb as it is simply a lower-gain version of the AX7.

But it seems like you have some blown pre amp tubes from what the others are saying so what i just wrote is probably worthless because you will most likely be changing them.