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Can someone name me some easy metal songs to play?
I've been wanting to try my luck at metal but don't know any songs that seem fairly simple to play.
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Paranoid- Black Sabbath


A lot of Black Sabbath songs are easy including their solos.
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anything by Sabbath, yes

also try,

Slayer-Spirit In Black

Pantera-A New Level, Walk

Alice In Chains-Man In The Box, Would, Angry Chair

Megadeth-Symphony Of Destruction, Killing Road

Those are good starting points...very 'paint by number' riffs, but all very cool!
Well most of the songs I was going to say have already been said lol.

Just remember to regularly practice chords/scales and playing techniques too. Songs won't seem so hard once you have the skills to play them correctly :]
Metallica's Enter Sandman intro isn't too hard, also Master of Puppets' intro riff isn't as hard as everyone says, you just gotta practice, and just practicing it will improve your stamina.
Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls & The Thing That Should Not Be
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