just watched the film "the crow" again and decided it is my favorite film now who doesnt want to see a rockstar get murdered, be reborn, kill the gang that killed him and play a sik guitar solo on the roof of buildings.
also there is a bar where all the evil people go called the pit! which is what brought me to telling the pit about how awesome the film is

anyone else like it?

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one of the best comic movies of all time, the graphic novel is amazing too.
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I watched that movie a long time ago. The way the final guy died scared the crap out of me.
yeah man, being impaled onto a gargoyle is never pretty lol

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It's my favorite movie.

you sir have fine taste

killing is my business... and business is good
I've got the movie poster on my wall.

And I did the makeup one halloween. I'm sure it's cliche to do, but I needed something quick.
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I've got the movie poster on my wall.

And I did the makeup one halloween. I'm sure it's cliche to do, but I needed something quick.

i really want to go as him for halloween but alas i have blond hair and im fatter too lol

killing is my business... and business is good
Oh, I saw it for the first time properly the other week. I really like it I would like to read the graphic novel, but due to lack of funds atm it'll have to wait.

I say first time properly, as I saw it once before at a party a few years ago...but I was room-spinningly drunk, and thus wasn't paying much attention, much to my loss.
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One of the few movies I can think of where excellent directorial decisions completely compensate for a shallow story. The lighting and color choices are absolutely haunting. The atmosphere carries the film more than anything else. Eric became a little too cocky, a little too arrogant, and seemed to be having a bit too much fun for my preferences. At some points, he conveyed tortured and brooding well, other times, the character descended into typical action-movie bravado. (Another rare instance where I don't blame the actor for a lackluster role; Brandon Lee could have been the most gifted, talented dramatic actor of our generation, and he wouldn't have been able to stay consistent with all the flip-flopping the script did.) It wasn't one half agony and suffering and one half shootouts and explosions, it just kept going back and forth between the two so quickly.

The most chilling parts of the movie were the flashback scenes to Eric and Shelly's deaths, and the most boring were the deaths of the gang members. The only antagonist worth his weight in sh*t was T-Bird, who's "There's no coming back man, no, there's no coming back" chant as he became a charred corpse was surprisingly creepy. It was the only realistic reaction to having the spectre of someone you thought you killed coming back to kill you. Tin-Tin, Funboy, and Skank were all cheap stock characters. Top Dollar was pretty interesting, but he didn't make for a compelling primary antagonist. I couldn't really hate the guy, he never really acknowledged Eric as a threat, or worth his time. There was very little back and forth between the two, so after Skank died (how did that pissant last so long, anyway?) the movie fizzled pretty badly. That's not to say that Skank was a charismatic villain, quite the opposite, it was just that he was the last person left who Eric had real motivation to kill.

Overall, the general story (IE: Man returns from the dead to avenge his and his fiancee's death) is great, the specific story had poor execution, and the well ran dry thematically, about 3/4ths of the way through the movie. There were some really cool ideas, and whoever was in charge of set design and lighting deserves some kind of award, but in the end the movie gets an easy ride because of Brandon Lee's very unfortunate death coupled with the nature of the film. I'll still watch The Crow when it comes on, but I wouldn't call it one of the best movies ever, just an enjoyable viewing.

That being said, The Crow looks like a masterpiece compared to The Crow: City of Angels, and the Crow: Salvation (Haven't seen Wicked Prayer, yet, though. However, I believe Edward Furlong is in it, and aside from leeching off of Edward Norton's leftover charisma, Furlong is an un-entertaining pile, in my humble opinion.) The one scene of note, though, is in City of Angels, when Ash kills Curve. Curve's motorcycle explodes, and a piece of shrapnel embeds in his stomach, and as he's bleeding from the mouth and gut, Ash grabs him by the nape of his jacket and drags him to some pool/drainage area, saying "You are going to die now, Curve." Leaving him in the water to die. Just very well done, other than that, trash.
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I've never seen the first one, but the sequel was one of the worst films I've seen in my entire life. Awful.

Yeah, every movie after the first one is terrible... Especially Wicked Prayer. It was almost bad enough to make me cry.