So.. for everyone in the northern hemisphere the time of winter is approaching and it is getting colder. Its been cold in my house lately and when i go to play guitar my fingers are cold and therefore stiffer and not as strong/limber/flexable/fluid in their movement.

SO... what is a good way to warm them up quickly. I dont want to wear gloves all the time or crank the heat in my house way up. nor do i want to rape anyone, fap, or hear about how you cum blood. thanks.
I know you said no gloves, but what i always do is just cut the fingers outta a pair of thin gloves. Keeps ya warm while still being able to play at your full potential. I do it at practice all the time. (very cold practice space)
thanks, manyfingers.

and stratotele, i did use the searchbar, sorry.
wear mittens.. it will improve ure skillz!
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I found just playing some stuff for 5 minutes helps to be honest. Like some scales.

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Maybe get a personal space heater in your room so that it is a bit warmer than the rest of your house? When my family couldn't afford central heating, by brother had a space heater in our room. Certainly not as good as a central heating unit, but they're relatively inexpensive and better than nothing at all. Plus they have a nice smell and soothing sound, so sleeping at night is much nicer.
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Wear gloves with no fingertips on the gloves. Or sick 'em down your pants, that actually works really well. I however have never had this problem as genetically my people are suited to the cold and i actually have extra capillaries in my fingers so my hands are always warm.

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+1 to ShaunDiel. Sitting on my hands for about a minute always does the trick for me.

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shake em around. do finger exercises. You need to get some blood in them.
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to be honest this post really pisses me off. it's nothing to do with guitar is it? how do you warm your hands up? want a tutorial on how to walk over towards it as well? Surely you've been alive long enough to understand the concept of hot and cold and how you can achieve both?
just...****. grr
Run them under hot/warm water. It helps a LOT.

And yeah, down your pants or in your armpits works too. I also do the back of my neck, which is usually pretty warm.
this guy on my rugby team was out drinking in a bar one night, hitting on this chick. He takes the chick out to the parking lot, and they're making out. Things are getting pretty hot, and the chick asks him, "My hands are cold, is it okay if I use my mouth?" So we named one of our rugby plays "cold hands" in honour of the story
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run them under steaming hot water... that usually works wonders
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