I play blues style of guitar and I was wondering how all these people on youtube get those sweet backing tracks...

I have searched all over and can't find any. I'm trying to find original backing tracks in Gm to be specific. Do I have to buy something or get a program to make it? If So, what program?
If you type in "blues in X" X being your key of choice on youtube theres plenty of backing tracks that are fun. Also guitarbt.com has bts of popular songs and also some jam tracks. I found other sites with good ones by searching blues backing trakcs on google.
I Find some cool drumming, Open it on GP5, Delete all tracks BUT drums, Export as MIDI. Convert it to WAV using COWON Jet Audio. Open it in Audacity, Play along.

Ofcourse you can always right some of your own drumming
^I wish i could. I suck with drum machines. I can program a riff into guitar pro in a few minutes or record over a click track and make loops to jam over with bass or guitar but those ****in drum programs... I waste like an hour trying to get what i want and then i say **** this and i wait untill i play with my drummer friend and let him make up the drums for the shit im making. It seems pointless to make the drum files when he can make something way better on the spot for riffs i make up. But if your fast and good with it it must be nice. I wish he had a nice mic set up then i could email him ideas during the week and have him lay down drums and send it back and then I could make guitar parts over it but oh well.
Just type in backing tracks on google - but i find it more artistic if you grab a drum backing track and build your own backing onto that. But for a quick fix theres plenty of sites that deal with full on backing tracks