Do any of you guys change up basic open chords (A, G etc) by incorporating open strings and playing near the middle and upper neck ? In effect you are incorporating a wider range of notes (Frequency wise) in chords. I feel like it gives chords a more dreamy floaty feeling. I tend to use these alot in my playing.

For example, instead of a regular A open chord play:

5 12
0 0
6 or 9
7 11
0 0
x x

Here is a chord progression I made using open strings


These chords seem to work alot better when played through an acoustic guitar with a very warm resonating sounds....
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Too much of a broad range in notes results in a sloppy sound. Not very dreamy in my opinion.

I'll try out those chords in a bit though
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thats an alright chord progression. though having a melody over the top of that would sound wierd due to them being dis-similer frequency wise. however it could work well.
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Yeah, that chord progression is actually meant to be played along with another (similar) chord progression, so it does sound kind of strange by itself, especially the 4th chord. I was just too lazy to write the other one out.
open stringed chords are great... let me share some of the ones i use alot.

x x x
0 0 0
11 2 0
8 6 6
6 4 4
x x x

I like alot of dissonance, and these are just some chords that get me through the day