I was at my guitar lesson yesterday, when my teacher mentioned this. I asked him what it was, and he explained it and we had a full-on lolfest.

Apparently, you place it on the correct frets, hit the specific chord button and it drops tiny hammers on the correct frets, so all you have to do is strum for easy chords.

So pretty much, if you own this, you're a failure.

Is this new, or has it been discussed and I just don't remember it?
I've seen it over 9000 times!
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that's ridiculous.
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lol, "many people gave up trying to learn the guitar because it often took months"yup, apparently sometimes learning guitar can take up to MONTHS :O.....FAIL TO THE EXTREME. god what has society become....
This is so stupid. It's like buying a wheelchair for a baby so they don't have to learn how to walk.
it sounded retarded just reading about it. and then i actually took a look at the picture. Good lord.
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Imagine seeing that on stage.

I totally want one.

I can imagine it.

D C G D C G OHSHIT EM7 *frantically searches for button*
So what happens when you want to play something besides those 4 chords?
Yup. Pretty much useless.
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oh god, if only i had this!

it could have saved me all those agonizing hours (3 dreadful hours) of learning the chords
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That really is ridiculous if you're using it to actually replace chord fingering, but it would be really interest to use more like a capo or something
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I used to do that.
I sued Delta Airlines, 'cause they sold me a ticket to New Jersey, I went there, and it SUCKED.
Universal bar chord is the hardest chord to finger because all six of the guitar strings must be pressed by all of the fingers on the hand.

Universal bar chord.

i think it would be cool to use as a capo sort of. it looks more complicated to operate than to actually learn how to play the chords, but whatever I don't think I could understand someone who actually wants one for its real purpose.
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You know i guess it could be useful one day if you lost 3 fingers and could still somewhat play.

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