I have a Fender Twin Amp 100 Watts of all tube for sale. I just recently changed the tubes on this. Everything is in working order except for the tremolo on the amp, which if needed, I'm sure can be easily fixed. I've had this amp for two years and I'm selling it because I want an Orange. I just recently changed the tubes. The amp comes with a footswitch and a cover.

Now for the price, I am willing to hear offers. I will post pictures soon.

Thanks guys.
Fender Twin is nice. Had one of those and got me an Orange too! Orange AD30r and I love it. Once you go orange, you.....well i cant think of anything that rhymes but you get what Im saying. People told me "You cant play hard music on an Orange", then I laughed at them as I decimated my buddy's 100 watt Mesa Dual Rectifier 4x12 with my little british 2x12 30 watt combo.

Going from a Fender amp to an orange amp is a big change. What are you asking for the twin?