Poll: should i quit playing music?
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yes quit
65 35%
no keep on playing
121 65%
Voters: 186.
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umm yeah. i really like playing music but i dont think theres any money or career in it. should i quit? (Invalid img)
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yes and you should probably kill yourself as well.

And put your guitar on ebay while your at it.
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Yo wassup, I'm trying to expand my musical horizons if you know what I mean, so can anybody reccomend me some cool Juggalo jazz?
Figure out why your playing music, is it to become rich and have a career or is it for fun. The answer will come to you.
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Quote by lzcougarz3
If you're playing only to make money then yes.

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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

If you are just playing to make money or be famous stop now please. We don't need more nickleback one is enough.
wheres your dedication to the music man? don't stop playing, just play as a hobby and have a decent job and stuff, so on the chance that you do get big, get a one hit wonder, and fall in to poorness again, you have something to fall back on. If you never get big you have a decent job! its a win-win situation

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u dont get paid to live. shuld u quit?
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posts like this are really stupid and bug me so yeah, and shoot yourself in the head while your at it, if its not your career, then apparently you only do it for fun, and if its not fun, why bother?
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nice discovery, sir.

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Nah i made over 9000 playing music last week

To complete this:

"I made over 9000 playing music last Thursday. There were at least 100 people there. Shit was so cash"
c'mon dude. theirs no way you think someone is seriously hitting the "yes" button up their. You have to be an idiot to think that someones gonna tell you you should quit a hobby because there is no career in it. So actually, I think you should quit because your an idiot. If you like playing music than continue to do it, who cares what the hell anyone else thinks you should do with your life
No way, you need to stop worrying about a job and money, and hygiene...all of societies demands.

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Quote by lzcougarz3
If you're playing only to make money then yes.

Quote by Kid_Thorazine
yes and you should probably kill yourself as well.

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I loled
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...And you should give me your guitar.
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Dude, play music for the fun of playing music. If you want to play music solely for making money, then you shouldn't play music.
If you don't see anything more than money in it, quit. You make us all look bad.
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Quote by lzcougarz3
If you're playing only to make money then yes.

There is no such thing as only playing for money. Surely, if someone really didn't have an interest in music, either:

1. He wouldn't have the drive to be good enough as a musician to make money in the first place.
2. He wouldn't go through the hassles of working as a musician and will something that's easier and has same or more amount of pay.

There is such a thing as playing music to make money. There's nothing wrong with it. If you think otherwise, it's because you're a pampered spoiled brat who's never stepped foot in the real world.

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I hate to see people quit playing an instrument.
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