I had a band going a couple months back that eventually fell apart. Now its basically just me (guitar) and the bass player writing originals. We want to start recording a a couple of these. I can play the drums parts to them as well, but I realize Id have to record them on seperate tracks, seeing as I cant do both at the same time (duh).

Basically what Im asking is what is a cheap program or interface that we can use to just record some of these rough drafts?

And were also gonna hopefully use these as a means of finding a new drummer.
audacity is good but i heard that reaper is also a very good free program as well
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Ok Ill have to cheack into those. Ive heard good things about Audacity so Ill check that first.

What equipment am I gonna need? I already have some decent mics but thats about it.
matters on how you plan on recording, are you going to record each instrument individually or all at once? either way you'll need a mixer but depending on how many instruments at once will determine how many channels you need. you'll also need a really decent sound card preferrably with something besides the 1/8" jack to get a clean input. programs can really matter on just how detailed you really want to get. you can go with reason with cubased wired to give you a full studio style feel without having to fork over the money needed to get a mac with protools on in.

with the mixer you don't really have to spend a whole lot of money, you just need something that is going to have eq's for each individual channel (suggested at least)

sound card, you can get away with using a sound blaster audigy if money is really tight, but great sound cards are definitely going to cost you a lotta cash.

as for software, you really are better off paying for it, but this is the age of the internet so however you get it its really up to you.
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How many microphones are you going to use for drums, and is using sampling equipment out of the question?
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First off thanks for the input guys. Im a noob at this stuff so anything I can get will help.

Jezereck- Ya like I said Im gonna have to do the parts individaully cuz we dont have a drummer. And I have a buddy that would probably let me use his mixer. Sound card might still be a problem though.

Fast Fingers- I was just gonna use 2 mics for the drums, just because its not that complex of patterns. But no, sampling equiptment is def not out of the question. I just figured it would sound sorta more authentic if they were recorded. But sampling might be the best option for now.