So im torn between the seymour duncan sh2 (neck) and sh4( bridge) pickups or the Dimarzio DP213 (neck) and Dimarzio Dp216 Mo' Joe (bridge) for my ibanez sz720. They come out to the same price so thats not the issue. Im just wondering if anyone has any experience wiht these pickups. I play a lot of classic rock/ progressive rock (i.e Rush, Dreamtheater, Satriani). Which of these sets do you guys think would best suit my playing style. Also I want to be sure that these will also allow me to get other sounds like blues and jazz, so which one would be more versatile in that respect?

The mojoe and the PAF joe together would be a great set! Especially for the styles you like, they are articulate and tubular, perfect for rock blues or jazz!
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i was reading in other forums which said i will need f spaced pickups for the bridge slot and a normal for the neck. What is the real difference and how will it affect the sound