I've been wiring for years and I can't get this one right! I'm wiring two humbuckers with 4 conductors to a 3 way switch for coil tapping both in the mid switch position. I followed the diagram at www.stewmac.com to a T and I still can't get it to work! I've done harder jobs than this many times but I can't get this one right! Has anyone ever done a job like this? The are Dimarzio's and I have the white and black wired on the same switch poles for the coil tap, the reds on their poles, and the bare and green grounded. The pots are wired as they should, as is the jack. I did use a larger value capacitor on the tone pot, but that should only give me more range of tone, not stop the whole circuit! What the hell??!!??
Any suggestions? I am getting NO signal at all and I can't figure it out!
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