you will probably just get mad but the best advice you will get

practice more untill you are happy with it
song stuck in my head today

pull down harder and vibrato more/faster.
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Try and find a sweet spot. PH's will have diffrent sounds depending on where you hit it on the string. Some will sound a little pleasing then others.

Just Practice, Practice and Practice
just try to play some simple solos in pinch harmonics... the californication solo for example... or the wonderful tonight main riff... that's how i learned...
and lots of distortion
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Make sure that you're "choking up" on your pick. What I mean by that is, holding it so that just the tip of the pick is sticking out. The string should hit the side of your thumb right after the pick does. Also, start by trying to get your squeals on the G string 5th or 7th frets. Once you get it, you'll never lose it.
1. go on youtube
2. search pinch harmonic lessons
3. find one you understand
4. grab your guitar and watch multiple times
5. practice practice practice

P.S. More violence + more vibrato = Fat ass Pinch Harmonic!