Hi, I recently bought a line 6 75 watt amp, I cant tell how long ago I bought it since i dont have my reciept, anyways I dont have the box or anything but the amp was bought almost defected the input jack always was loose and broke on me, so i cant plug in. I know they can look up my guitar center credit card and see my purchase and i know the people who work their, is their anyway theyll give me store credit.
They can look it up if you used a credit card. They've done it for me a few times.
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Well, y not jus buy a new input jack and solder it yourself?

because that's ghetto

but yeah just ask their tech there for help and maybe you still have the 1 yr PEAVEY warranty?
i never bought an extended warranty but i know the people there well, maybe theyll help me out all I have is the amp, and the plastic piece were u plug the guitar into was always loose since i bought it, and it finally just fell of when i was plugging my cable in. I have receipt and amp it is after 30 days.
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rockhard metal what megadeth song is your quote from

Dread and the Fugitive Mind, off of the album The World Needs A Hero.
Really good song.
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Well, y not jus buy a new input jack and solder it yourself?

Warranty void.
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Guitar Center is getting really gay because there in their own financial crisis, so they might not be as friendly about it as they would be before, and would more then likely charge you or give you a rougher time about it.