Anyone know what kind of finish comes on the Schecter C-1 Plus? I've not been able to find out and the Schecter folks haven't responded to my email.

Also, pending an answer to that question, what kind of paint might work well ON the finish? I don't want to bother with stripping/sanding/priming just to paint a little fox or something on my guitar, and you'll have to forgive me for giving up on the sticky'd painting/refinishing thread after around 11 pages of "how do I make this look like a guitar that belongs to someone famous." Model paint? Acrylic?

You can just answer the first one, if you want...

Thanks in advance to anyone with an idea
They will use a nitrocellulose or other type of lacquer, or poly to paint and clear coat.

In order for any good looking paint to stick to the finish, you'll need to sand and then re clear coat and buff after you apply your design.
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