I was happy to finally start understanding harmonies and used this song as my guinea pig for testing them out. It's short and I'd like to add more so I'm open to suggestions.

Another one that was spurred on by my new found love of harmonized guitar parts.

Both songs were recorded using my LTD EC-500 ran through a Line6 Tone Port UX-1. I did the drums with EZ Drummer and the bass was actually just the LTD in the neck pickup with the tone rolled off running through one of their modeled bass cabs/heads, haha.

Thanks in advance for listening!

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DwellMildMan - Really nice riff! Your timing and playing sounds real solid. I think with some more bass in there and using real mics and stuff, this would sound awesome - right now it's just a bit thin.
I'm not crazy about the middle section, but that's just my taste. Maybe try changing up the type of distortion or cab or head for a different feel? And put a small melodic solo in there? Just some ideas.
It's still a bit short for a complete song though. Right now it's sort of A-B-A (where the beginning repeats). Maybe try one more riff, and then revisit the B section, so it could be A-B-C-shortB-A? Again, just some ideas.

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Brutal : would be 9000X better with better quality. keep working on those chops though, i dont feel like the melody/shredding flowed very well, i can tell you can play though. i like where it gets slower too, well transitioned.

Thanks for all the comments! I checked out both of your song listings and found them both super enjoyable! Metal is far from a natural genre for me and it's a bit out of my comfort level but there's something super fun about memorizing speed riffs and trying to play faster and faster! Thanks again!
SLAP energy drinks ftw.