Alright, after playing for 3 months, i have achieved only a few things. I have learned power chords, learned the few open major, minor, and some 7th notes. I have learned the solo to Californiacation and smells liek teen spirit. And decided to take a break from practicing and just attempt to learn a full song all the way, rather then learning riffs. But here is my problem. Everyime i get to the song that i might like to listen to, the reason i liked it was cuz of the vocals, when i play it however, it sounds like crap, and i just give up and just feel like throwing my guitar down for good.
However i don't want to do that. So maybe u can recommend me a good song to learn *FULLY for a 3 month with those skills i listed (i am horrible at chords BTW, i learned them when playing my acoustic (which broke) and now have an electric, and htey sound like crap with effects. I do know the pentatonic scale as well.
your timing probably sucks, use a metronome when you're learning a song, and play along to songs as well.

learn santeria.
Try something by AC/DC? Not sure what music you're into but they use the pentatonic heaps for their solos etc. and they have pretty straight forward rhythm sections - open chords and power chords. If not maybe try the beginner song program (stickied) and find something you think you'd like to play

AC/DC songs are realtively straightforward, great for developing your sense of rhythm and sound good.
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try AC/DC like they said, they are pretty easy and have a mixture of chords and picking.
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and keep it up, the bad sounds might be coming from the amp or it might be coming from you, when learning songs i usually learn without the amp, the amp just distracts me from learning it and getting the speed right, but i use it once i know how to play the song relatively well.

use a metronome, i dont use it though i should, try searching google
"metronome online" for a good one.
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