I've had my current acoustic for a number of years. Picked it up for $70AU from..... *cough* Target *cough*

Best bargain ever. Hold's its own against most of my friends Fenders and Epiphones up until the 300ish mark. But im going full time at work in a few weeks and thought it might be time to treat myself to a new acoustic guitar. Looking to spend $1200 MAX (Preferably around the 1000 mark)

Living in Australia, prices suck, as you are all probably aware of, so Taylors, Martins etc are out of the equation. (I did see a second hand Taylor 110 for $1050 the other day though)

Im not really sure what to look at though. I listen to all genre's of music except metal and country so need something rather versatile.
Some stuff I'd like to play ranges from Andy McKee, Antonie Dufour, John Butler, Tommy Emmanuel etc to Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, City and Colour to acoustic covers of modern mainstream songs like Paramore, The Kooks, Panic At The Disco etc

My parents tell me this is the last guitar I can buy before I have to save for a vehicle, so I want to spend all of my money on the guitar, ie no electronics for the moment. I can always get a sound hole pickup later if need be. I know the soundhole pickups aren't ideal, but if they are good enough for Andy McKee they are good enough for me.

Being an Aussie im thinking either Cole Clark or Maton guitars, although there is a place in the city that sells Blueridge guitars which I understand are great value.
Not 100% on a cutaway yet either. I'll probably get one, I just need to play around with a few more guitars that have them.

There's a place in the city that stocks a lot of acoustics, I haven't been there yet due to school, but yr 12 exams will be over in 2ish weeks and when im done with them ill be able to go and have a look.


Local guitar shops

So any of you guys got any opinions on Cole Clark, Matons or Blueridge guitars? Or anyone know any versatile acoustics out there within my price range that aren't too rare???
Not really sure on Aus guitars but every Maton I've heard sounds great, Tommy Emanuel uses them too.

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Of the guitars I saw on the site, the ones I've got personal experience with are Seagull and Ovation.

I've heard Larrivee are amazing, but quite expensive.

Ovations really only shine when they are plugged in. While they sound fine unplugged, you can get better acoustics for the same price that sound better in the same conditions.

Seagulls sound great, and are built fairly well. I don't know too much about the electronics they put in a few of them, so I can't help you there.
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Make sure you don't get something thats completely made out of laminate then You'll appreciate it more as the years go by.

Have a good look in that shop. The Cole Clark guitars look pretty reasonable, most of them are all solid wood. Definately check them out. From those links, looks like you're getting more for your money compared to the Maton guitars.
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Breedlove and Taylor are the best guitars in my opinion. I own a Breedlove and the next acoustic I will buy is a Taylor.
Breedlove's look ok, some of them I can afford, but definately not taylor. I can afford the 110 model and thats it.

The new guitar might be on hold for a while... I just bought a second hand Ibanez 12 string because it was cheap