Why is the only swear word that gets censored is the f-word? I jus don't unnerstand this. Furthermore, how come some people can type the f-word w/o censorship? I like to swear when I need to express myself, but y can't I say ****?
so are **** and **** (Read: vagina and penis)
At the Justice Tour:
Guy in audience: Libertyville represent!
Tom Morello: Yes. Libertyville…represent.

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Damn. You got insanely lucky when it comes to manly surnames.

Ai æm eɪ prəpoʊnənt ʌv eɪ kəmplitli fənɛtɪk ælfəbɛt. Spɛl ɛvriθɪŋ wɪθ ðə AɪPiEɪ.
Buttsex (spelled buttsecks) has been used so much that it is now censored as well as the youtube url for a rick roll. Neither are as popular as they once were but there was a time when you couldn't make a thread in the pit without buttsecks being offered...
There are numerous words censored, not just fuck.

There's no way to get round the censors either.