I was looking at getting a new guitar and one I was looking into further has a wrap around bridge. I looked up some pictures and it looks like it comes from the back and just goes over the top of the saddles like s strat. I was wandering if it was true that it does that. Also what are advantages and bad things about the wrap around birdge. Thanks again U-G
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A wraparound's advantages are they are the easiest to re-string and maintain, but most importantly, they give better sustain than any other bridge. Even string-through bridge designs can't match a wraparound for sustain and ease of use.

The disadvantages of a wraparound is intonation can be hard, in fact on most wraparound bridges intonation can't be adjusted at all. I believe Wilkinson makes a special kind of wraparound bridge piece that lets you adjust intonation slightly, but I have no idea how effect that is.

And yes, the strings go through the 'front' of the wraparound, out the back, then wrap over the top of the bridge piece and up to the nut. Hence why it's called a 'wraparound', because the strings literally wrap almost all the way around the bridge.
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There are several kinds of wraparound bridges. The PRS and LP jr bridges dont have adjustable saddles. So if the intonation is off it can be a problem. There are aftermarket ones with adjustable saddles. And there are ones like the "badass" bridge that has individual saddles like a TOM bridge. Iommi has one on his main guitar. And there is even one with fine tuners like a FR. All of em need some sort of neck angle as they can sit pretty far off the body and are pretty hard to recess. Im tempted to put one on a neck thru Ive been building if I ever get it finished.