Made in the USA, 2'12 Speakers. Four channels. newly replaced EL84 power tubes I believe. Each channel can be set to run between 10.25,50, or 100 watts. So thats great if you want a really high headroom channel, and a really saturated lead channel for example. Here's Egnaters technical desription and its pretty Darn True. I'm a session musician so versatility is a must and I've used this amp in bunches of recordings in every style.

Clean/Vintage 1 is the cleanest of the four. Within this channel lives a range of Classic tones ranging from pristine sparkle with the voicing switch set to MODERN to a punchy, aggressive drive (think clean JTM) in the CLASSIC mode. Pressing the button to activate the CONTOUR control opens an entire new range of beautiful clean, almost acoustic, tones not often found in a tube amplifier.

Clean/Vintage 2 has a very similar voicing to the Clean/Vintage 1 channel. This channel has more gain, so it can be pushed into mild overdrive. Sweet blues and classic rock tones are easily coaxed out of this channel. The contour knob adds another level of unique flavors.

Overdrive 1: From AC/DC crunch to modern rock, this channel covers a lot of bases all by itself. Dial down the gain and the feel is pure classic rock. Push the gain and enter into more modern, saturated territory. Scoop the mids with the CONTOUR control for monstrous metal or set it for classic British rhythm.

Overdrive 2: The Tourmaster's most intense channel, you'll find ferocious gain with a wide range of tones to suit the 80s shredder as well as the heaviest modern metal player. Scoop the mids with the powerful CONTOUR control for massive crunch or push the midrange for a solo tone that cuts through with serious authority.

The cleans all sound great. The gain is sweet or brutal whatever you want it to be, its just a little too big for my taste. Speaking of which. it weighs 95 pounds so shipping will be a bit of a pickle. there's a couple of little scratches on top the tolex but nothing serious. It sells for 1600$ and I really want to sell it fast, so I will consider all reasonable offers. i'm located in Lafayette Louisiana if you care to try it out.

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
Pictures are available on request by Email of course. I always forget to mention that.

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
Oh let me clarify something else. I meant it sells for 1600$ new on Musicians friend, I will consider all reasonable offers that you present though. I'll settle for a significantly smaller amount than 1600$

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
really would like to sell it within two weeks.

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
at 95 lbs I suppose shipping would really suck,, but can you pm me how much you'd sell it for anyway?
BUMP. $950 plus shipping sound good anyone?

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists
well whadda ya know? great trade deal pending...

Because footstools are cool - UG's Classical Guitarists