I should probably be kicked, leaving this poor guitar shut in its case only to be brought out rarely, mostly to show off to my friends when they come over. Truth is, the Floyd is out of whack and I just need to break down, and take this guitar to some one who knows what they are doing and get this guitar in working order again.

I tried once again to play it tonight, its in tune, well, sort of, if you can count being about a 1/4th step flat in tune! I tuned everything up with the fine tuners and get the same thing... so something is out of whack. Time for a set up. Guess I know what to ask for for Christmas

So, here she is, a pain in the rear to photograph. A Japan made Jackson Kelly XL-R Pro

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sweet guitar, how much did you pay for it?

I can't remember, I got it along time ago. I have the paper work around here someplace, if I find it, I will chime in with the price
ummm in my opinion it looks awful... so i guess the sound is better than the look.
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i been there before

i dont kow bout anyone else but it really gets me down when my guitar is broke and i cant fix it

especially with a really bad bit of cosmetic damage
I have one of those. It's an XLR Professional right?. Mines ebony. I bought it used for 300 and it had an EMG 81 in the bridge. I put an 85 in the neck. Great guitar.
How much for it?
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I still have yet to find the paper work for this puppy, I got the next day in a half off and some cleaning is on my list, maybe I will find it then.

And no, she aint for sale
I love it dude, I just dont like the way the Floyd looks, a lot of LFRs have skewed looking designs especially by the trem posts...ugh, it doesn't look good, can sometimes ruin a guitar for me, but overall dude, if you can get an Original Floyd, you're gonna love it, i can guarantee you that.
Ooh,I'm a huge sucker for Kellys! Why not block the bridge first?That would temporarily solve your problem till you get an OFR.
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Very nice guitar. I like the colour, its very unique.

Hopefully you can get your Floyd fixed properly. I'm having some troubles with my cheap Ibanez right now, so I plan on taking it in next week.
That's a beautiful guitar. Where are you? Bring it to me and I'll set it up for you free.... Big time!
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