With 2 days before the Sam Ash 20% off Halloween sale, I can't decide. The total price difference will be about $500 but the Special comes with the hard case so the difference will be closer. Suggestions?

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Well, personally I don't really think there's much difference other than aesthetics between the two with a few upgrades(Case: $100. Two Burstbuckers: $200. Installation: $75. Total savings remaining: $125), and even then if you have to wait a bit to upgrade the faded it still sounds decent.

On the other hand, the Standard looks much better than the faded, plus you never have to do any upgrades to void the warranty, and really, everything in one is worth the $125 for the convenience IMO.

Really it comes down to whether you want it to look really nice and whether or not your willing to do some mods and spend time before it kicks ass.

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