Hi GB&C,
Can anyone tell me how the Fuzz factory and the Phase 90 are wired into this guitar?
If possible can someone draw me up a wiring diagram?
Try this

I doubt that there will be one that is physically, but there should be one configuration that is electrically similar
i would think you just wire the pedal normally but without the input and output jacks, and with the wires going from the guitar's controls to the wires that were connected to the input jack, then the next pedal would have the wires that were going to the output jack of the first pedal to the wires that would go to the input jack of the next pedal. Then the wires that would go to the out put jack would go to the guitar's output jack.

understand??? cos i dont
i'm not sure what you mean.....
you'd do it the same way you'd wire it to a pedal....

just have the battery mounted inside the guitar.

It's pretty much exactly the same as a normal effects pedal, just (as halvies said,) wire the output from the guitar that would usually go to the jack to the input wires of the first effect. Output wires of that go to input of next effect, ect.
Would you not just need to wire it exactly the same way as you normally would, the single exception being the input and outputs, which get placed into the guitar's circuit(probably in series but don't quote me on that)
hmm, the problem with putting an FX pedal in a guitar is that you would have to take out the input and output jack, but they usually have at least two wires coming off the jack, and you might not have the sufficient amount of wires that would go into the pedal. You might have to ask someone more experienced with electronics, as i for one am a pure amatuer

EDIT: or u could just pay Hugh to do it for u :P:, if hes actually willing to do that for you
The only problem may be that some pedal's batteries are turned on when the stereo input/output jack has a cable plugged in (guitar cables are mono so they connect two of the stereo jacks terminal things). Because these two wires would never get connected (no plug), the battery may never be turned on.... I think

So you'd maybe have to have a switch with an extra pole for the battery. I don't entirely know what I mean, but I feel something may not work. If somebody with a better knowledge can say if I'm right or wrong, it would help me and TS