is it acceptable for a white guy to go as a gollywog. i see no problem just a few people have brought it up that i may be offending people
get a black friend to go as a wigga
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Well offensive halloween costumes seem to be the go these days anyway...but some people get offended over any damn thing so yeah if you go as a gollywog you probably will offend someone.
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get a black friend to go as a wigga

Actually, this. Makes it less open to interpretation as racism and more obviously a friendly joke.
i wouldnt do it tbh, im pretty sure that would piss alot of people off
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Don't think it's a good idea. We're not even supposed to say "gollywog" anymore. The term itself is offensive.
Yeah, I'd have to agree with the two posters above me.
Going as a golliwog would cause you more trouble than I think you really want.
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Go as a Nazi instead; more socially accepted these days
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if you're going to a party as an offensive character, its likely you'll get into more problems that its worth, sure it'll be funny, but not when someone takes offence and starts a fight, i knew someone who got his nose broken after going out last year dressed an an SS officer
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