I down loaded some new program , the manual also 400 pages of stuff .
I can record a track , delete a track . BUt for the life of me the editing part can't figure out maybe because its a student or free trail version ? Every time I get this error
screen , outside edit preference not set , when I go to the options menu its blank and does a pc search for the settings . Any help ?
You haven't explained it very clearly, I don't quite understand, but it sounds like you might want to try uninstalling and downloading again. The free trial shouldn't have any restrictions, and should never stop working.
There is poetry in despair.
Ok the editing part like taking a sigment and cuting or delete of a section stuff like that .
It is working except for the editing part . step one record n step two edit ?THKS 400 page manual I type in edit and it doesn't no ?
You type the word edit into the manual and it comes up with absolutely nothing?
There is poetry in despair.
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You were was ? very helpful thanks , the record sound quality is good on reaper until I edit with audacity editor .
What do you mean by "edit"? What specifically are you trying to do to the track.
BY edit , adjust or scrub track after it has been recorded . Maybe cut or delete , maybe change pitch add FX . Edit is the term normally used .
Cut and delete: Drag the ends of the tracks
Change Pitch: I'm not sure
Add FX: Go to the FX browser and drag the FX out onto the track.
Quote by TheDriller
its all in the manual,
read it.

Yes all 500 pages I'm going to use an external editor for now . Its not the full version of Reaper , student issue .
Well, then download the full version of Reaper. I wasn't aware a student version existed.

And you can search the manual you know.
There is poetry in despair.
The full version is expensive comes with a product key , my vista crashed . I had to clean it all
out .