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Autumn Anxiety
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Faith In Autumn
3 43%
An Fhoghair
4 57%
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If anyone's piece is missing, it's my fault and I'll deal with it if that problem arises.

Autumn Anxiety

I stand in the middle of autumn.
Broken bones of a once proud oak
lay helplessly at my feet.

Spring held great promise.
Immature days passed slowly
with yearning for the years ahead -
summer glory and endless possibilities

But summer passed quickly,
without a moment’s pause
to taste the sweet flavour
or bask in the warmth.

Here among the rotting leaves
and tight chill of fading air,
I can only look back.

Had I an axe
I’d surely fell this tree,
averting my eyes from
an ominous winter
and the crippling fear
of what lies beyond.


Her eyes are filled with autumn.
Behind hollow gaze stands an
empty tree.
Forgotten in an unproductive field
that's always soaking in the rain,
but never growing crops.

Her lips are filled with autumn.
The last lies from the mockingbirds
spiral from them; heading south toward
warmer beaches and happier times.
Deserting the lips to chap in the
bitter climate to come.

Her heart is filled with autumn.
Crimson warmth of summers past
transforms into neutrality,
into grey.
The bitter taste of lukewarm decisions
trapped inside her breast.

She's alone, void, dormant.
Today she'll die to prepare for
the harsh weather to come, taking
solace in life's seasons and the ideal
that just one solstice from now,
she'll bloom.

Faith In Autumn

When I leave this place behind
In a whirl and still confused
Move along with what I'm doing
For the fact it's what I choose

And assured the leaf won't know
As it darkens on the tree
But a leap of faith later
There's still faith as autumn leaves

It will form a travelling safety net
To save from scraping knees
The wind blows where it is needed
Golden veins and saintly deeds

Fences that entrap them
Build them higher all along
The blurry spectrum they inhabit
Where no deeper shade is wrong

Aim colour for the sky
Recall leaves as they float by
Drifting motives, mobile canvass
Wreathing faith in leafy dances
Now I've faith enough to fall

An Fhoghair

A light-hearted waltz into no-man’s land
destroyed us, left us broken and bruised.
Shells squealed above our heads and
we cowered. Between us, a single dead leaf,
bronze and decayed, the last signs of
a fruitless Autumn covered in death.
In three months, we’ve come so far.
In three minutes, we’ve gone so quick.

In the mud and dust of friends,
watching the last of the gold fall
from the trees and drown in
something they cannot understand,
I hold your hand.
We grew up together.
We fought together.
We’ll bloody die together.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.