I am a beginer and the best thing i can play is the intro to master of pupeetts,yay.
Which gitar is best suited for me.Maybe the dean mlxm or somthing like that.I only have £150 to spend.....

Do you have an amp?

And maybe look at a Epiphone G400 or something. Low end Deans, Ibanezs and BC Richs may look metal, but trust me, some of them are horrid guitars.

I'd get the G400, just because it's made out of a decent cut of mahogany, it looks the part and it'll last you years. It's also sound good if you match it up with the right amp.

P.S: This is considering the fact that you do have an amp at the moment. If you don't then you're really limited at the moment.

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get an epiphone! like the G400 or les paul jr.
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if possible, wait until u can spend a bit more. I had $200 to spend on a guitar/amp so i got an epi les paul special II and a crate xt10 amp. Now that i've gotten better and have played guitars, i wish so badly i'd just waited a bit longer and gotten decent equipment