Hey. I have an Ibanez SZ520QM which is now discontinued. i am looking to change a couple of things on it and want to know if it is possible.

I want to know if these machine heads will fit.

I want to know if it is possible to install an EMG 81

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nice guitar,

and i guess the machine heads will fit, they're all usually a standard size.

and 2 it probably is possible, after all i think humbuckers are all pretty much similar sizes too, it's just wiring them up may need a guitar shop man to do it
for emg you will need a place for a battery, and that might not work out so well with the s-series.

for machine heads you should see them in person before ordering them online, to make sure they all face the same way for strat-style headstocks
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is this a good alternative?

Im guessin the 'P' means its passive so i wouldnt need a battery?

yeah but if you get passive pickups there's no need to buy EMG. you can get something with a much nicer range of possible tones. look into seymour duncan JB. just go to the store and play around with guitars that you know what pickups they have installed, and try to imagine what they would sound like in your wood.

i recommend strongly against passive EMG
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Depends on the amp you're using.
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