I have had my Boogie Triple rec for years and I can honestly say it is very reliable, built like a tank and still sounds AMAZING!!

I have had Marshalls in the past (jcm 800) and it was cool too. But a totally different sound

which ones do you guys prefer?????
Marshalls are basically top of the line, and Mesas are just as good, but for more aggressive styles. I'm actually planning on purchasing a Rec cab very soon. Love the sound.
I think the key word is prefer. When you start spending thousands on an amp it isn't about which one is better than the others its all about what sound you want it to have. I prefer the JCM800, I love those things.
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I'm a JCM 800 guy myself, mmmm classic

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Mesa is alright, I prefer their lonestar series to the rectos. As for marshall, I'd never buy any of their new stuff. If I had the money for a jvm I'd be looking at metro marshall and splawn.
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have a question guys, which of these companies produce more versatile amps?? And i'm the type who likes a good low end on the amp...sorry, its juz that i dont hv much experience with these amps...have been a Roland user for a long time now...
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You can't compare brands like that, you just have to go out and try all their offerings.
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Marshalls are basically top of the line


If we're talking build quality, etc on the new Marshalls vs new Mesas. Mesa destroys Marshall.

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have a question guys, which of these companies produce more versatile amps?

Marshalls can be pretty versatile, but still have a Marshall sound to them. Mesas can sound like a Mesa and a Marshall, depending on the amp.

Comparing their most versatile amps to eachother (JVM vs. Roadking/Mark IV), Mesa wins hands-down imo.

But don't get me wrong, Marshall makes some great amps

Oh and no vs. threads.
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