I'm looking to sell my Peavey EX HP Signature (original owner). Nice guitar with a very fat sound. This guitar was never gigged. It's in excellent condition, as you can see in the pictures. There's not one dent or scratch on this guitar.

- Neck-through
- 22 1/2 frets
- H/H with 3-way pickup switch
- 2 volume and 1 tone pots


US buyers ONLY. I'd prefer pickup, if possible, but won't mind shipping the guitar. S&H will add to the price. I do not bump up S&H prices, whatever the price to ship it costs, that's how much it is. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Pics here.
22.5 frets?? i dont think so

and it's not a neck-thru. it's a set-in neck.
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I'll trade you your derrick clapton and jimmy hendrick signed squire for my bass signed by jesus and spiderman. its a fair trade really
I meant 22 1/2" scale length and no idea why I put that it's a neck-thru, thanks for the catch rjmck4883.