This is a thread that appeals pretty much to the older guard at this forum, but feel free to come with your view of the matter also if you're younger.

Me and my girlfriend broke up, and we did it pretty mutually. Yesterday I took it very good, called a few friends and had a few laughs. It ended up with us being awake all night, driving around at car lots and burning rubber (which resulted in a punctured tyre which I hate coz now im stuck here) and I didn't go asleep until early this morning. Since I woke up this afternoon however, everything's gone to shit and I'm the same way I've always been at the end of my relationships.

Now, I've always wanted to be one of those guys that just hit the city and slept with some random chick without giving a crap. But it just doesn't work out that way for me. I end up screwing some chick a week or so after a relationship has broken up, and then I screw her again, and again, and before I know it we're together. And I fall for her. Hard. Believe me, its the story of my life.

Those relationships usually last everywhere from 1 to 4-5 months.

And its just as hard every time it ends. I guess I have two questions I want to ask in this thread:

Number one: Does it get ****ing easier? I mean, it hasn't for me, but maybe its about your age, not about how many times you've been through it, and as such have gotten used to it?

Number two: This one is for all the players out there. How do you do it? How do you manage to give such a crap about it? Coz I've pretty much realized that my relationships just don't work out, so right now I just want a way to stay out of em. Whats the point anyways? I'm 19, its now that I need to go out and screw around with as many young and tight 18 year olds as I can, instead of just finding one that I end up screwing exclusevly and end up caring for?

I don't mean to be self-centered about this thread, but I guess other people might be in the same predicament and might be able to learn something from the answers as well.

All answers like "grow the **** up" and "stfu u ****ing emo" will be ignored. The others will be very welcomed.
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relationship thread would be alot more helpfull i guess...?
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