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A friend of mine handed me the 'In Trance' 1975 album by Scorpions recently and I was shocked by the guitar playing.
Certainly whatever defines shred is there: rapid sequences and patterns, sweep picking, neoclassical licks, dive bombs(!) and it sure boggles the mind how they managed radical pitch shifting with an ordinary strat tremolo and the tone sounds super high gain for it's time.

So, for me Roth should be given a lot more credit for starting it. And the main reason EVH is credited way more for doing so is because Scorpions where underground at that time in the US and because of that last section of 'Eruption'. Sure, Eddie broke new grounds with tapping but everything else is clearly Roth's.
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Actually Steve Hackett was using tapping years before Van Halen.
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As much as I love Uli, he wasn't the first.

Listening to "sails of charon" right now though!
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Django was sweep-picking fluid arpeggio sequences 30years before. Grant Green and Charlie Christian were too.

Tal Farlow was tappin as well, before Eddie was even born i think.

Theres another guy I saw on a Deke Dickerson's Guitar DVD who made a double neck in the 50s/60s who played both necks two-handed Stanly Jordan style, but i Cant think of his name.
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i keep hearing that but i haven't heard a django song with sweeping. perhaps you could point me towards one?
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ritchie blackmore was doing that stuff even further back in time, to keep it in the same style (of course a lot of jazz players were doing that stuff but that obviously isn't what he ment)

edit: I don't think django was sweeping the same way we do know considered he fingerpicked.
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Quote by browar
Actually Steve Hackett was using tapping years before Van Halen.

This is true.

And I believe Zappa was way ahead of his time in terms of technical playing in the mid-seventies.
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what're you talking about, django used a pick?
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Al Di Meola? You can't really say anyone started shred. There was just a point where it started happening.