Well, I'm a bit tired of having to settle for a slightly lacklustre tone when playing in my bedroom. Live, when I'm able to crank my amp, it just sounds absolutely brilliant, but I can never manage to get that tone in my bedroom.

So I've been looking into getting an attenuator, and Weber seem to offer the best priced ones (the THD Hotplates are like £250+ from gak.co.uk). I've not been able to find anywhere in the UK that sells Weber attenuators though. I was just wondering if anybody knows of anywhere that does sell them?

If there isn't anywhere, Weber seem to ship internationally anyway. It'd also be pretty helpful if someone knew (roughly) how much shipping would cost to the UK

just ou of interest....what amp do you have?? pretty sure that you're gonna have to import a weber attenuator from america but it will probably still be cheaper than the hotplate
watford valves might do them. they do some of the speakers, anyway. they tend to be quite dear (and their prices don't include VAT or postage) so it might be cheaper to get one straight from the source...
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cost me about £30 delivery a few months ago for mines from weber, it can take 2-3 weeks for them to make you one and get it delivered, i know eurotubes used to stock a few of them so try there first that way you dont need to wait on it getting made