Which is better overall, gibson or fender? Which has better warm tones? Distortion?
the only correct answer:


pickups, guitars, amps it all makes a difference.

generally les pauls are better for crunchier stuff, but then again take into consideration iron maiden using strats with hot rails, most of it depends on the amp.

les pauls are generally "warmer" sounding

strats/teles/sgs have a sharper sound to them.
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They're entirely different companies that both produce guitars with a spectrum of quality and usefulness for various applications.

Then there's personal opinion.
What a little teachers pet, the guy only asked a question.
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lol i like how that question used to cause so much debate but now its like meh ..prs/esp/fernandes/bc rich/etcetc
personally ..
early pre gibson epiphones are the best guitars ever imo
cost an arm and a leg tho
and are slightly impossible to find
I smell a flame war already...

Anyway, frankly there is no better. One mans guitar that he hates so much he'll give it away could be another mans love of their life guitar-wise. I prefer Fender since they have the stratocaster, but really it's all down to opinion, there's no real clear-cut better brand.

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Gibsons feel higher quality because they are heavy, but a high end Strat is a better player. Sound all depends on what you seek.
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I like fender quite a bit more than gibson.

The only thing I like from gibson is the single cutaway les paul.

From fender I like : Mustang, Jaguar, Strats, Tele's (if only they had a thinner neck ), and pretty much whatever else they make.

Plus fender has a MUCH better price range for their guitars.

A MIM Strat or Tele is a very good guitar, and is usually about 399$, compared to the cheapest Gibson Les Paul being atleast 1000$...and for the price of 1,000$ you can get an American Standard Strat or Tele...Which (imo) are better than low end Gibby Les Pauls.

That being said there are some ridiculously pricey Strats, and Tele's out on the market as well, but there is also the more affordable ones.

There are only 2 gibsons that are under 750$....the melody maker which looks like a les paul without buckers (no clue how it sounds or plays so can't rate it accurately) Gibson SG Special faded.
Solid as hell.
Bolt neck thats swapabble.
Better design and layout thats crazy comfortable (for strat).
Not nearly as over priced as Gibby LP's.

Just my opinion. Not fact.