Found a guy on craigslist...wants 80 bucks for a like new DS-1 and a like new MT-2. Worth it? Even necessary with my new amp (Randall RG50TC for those who didnt see my other thread)?

I doubt it but I feel like Im on a roll with my last deal so I thought I might have hit one again haha
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No, the stock DS-1 and MT-2 suck pretty bad imo.
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I figured. Shouldnt have been greedy and just should have enjoyed the last trade haha
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First off, not good pedals, second, you should be looking at overdrives. If you could get just the ds1 for 20 bucks that would be good on the clean channel for some nirvana tunes.
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As an owner of both pedals id have to admit they dont sound very good stock at all. Which luckily for me a friend gave them to me :-D You would definately need to mod them...
that's more like striking yourself in the balls.


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that's more like striking yourself in the balls.


I have both. Planning on selling them, they suckkkkk.
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since youre new to tube amps i recommend an overdrive

you hook it up to the dirty channel, then turn the gain to 0 and the level maxed

try a digitech bad monkey or a boss super overdrive
Thats actually not as good of a deal as it seems. A new DS1 is like $40, a new MT-2 is like $60. You're not saving that much money.

The quality of the tones on both of those pedals are pretty low. IMO, the DS1 is better than the MT2. It makes a better boost and has more of a cruchy instead of fizzy distorted tone if you use it for its distortion.
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