hey pit, I have a problem with my mams laptop, i somehow changed all files like quick time, internet explorer and such to pdf format. what happens now is the files that are on my desktop have no icon and it just says pdf beside the name of whatever file it is. If I open it, it just opens as a blank page in my pdf reader. anyone know how i can fix this problem? cheers guys!
how in the hell did you manage do to that? i honestly have no clue what to do
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have you shut the computer down since you did this? if you havent unplug by the mains (or by holding the power swiitch)
I havnt a clue how i managed to do it. I shut down the laptop a few times and its still the same, it just changed all the main programs its a pain
0-0 I think thats logically impossible on a computer....
ahah I cant help cuz i have no idea how you'd even accomplish such a thing...
Change the extensions back. If you can't see the extensions, open explorer, view -> folder options -> show extension.

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uninstall adobe acrobat reader. to see if it returns the files to it's original form.
none of them worked, saphrax,instead of saying open with,it now says open file location