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Hi...! Feel free to crit our first recording...since there aren't much studios in our area...we can't find have a decent quality..so sorry about the sound quality..anywayz.. check it out here...


its ok, seems really computerised for some reason... especially vocals and drums, nice intro riff though
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Yea..The drum track is computer generated since we don't have any drummers.well, for vocals.. i think there was excessive amount of reverb....it's going to be fixed soon..for the screaming vocals.. i used a bit delays..
i think it's not the best thing i have ever heard but it is decent for your first recording, and the sound quality could easily be improved, but overall 3/5 gj and find a drummer and i dont like the delay on the screams peace
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Yeah..I wish I had a drummer...But it's really really hard to get a drummer here in our country..That's why...For delay in screams.... I didn't use it for all parts.. I used just in the intro..!
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I think you should post it in downloadable mp3 format so I can listen to it.

Sorry for that mate...I can't really upload right now....!