Why hello there!

I am really trying to nail that Jimmy Page 1969 sound. I have MXR GT-OD, Boss DS-1, Big Muff Pi, a regular Dunlop Cry Baby and a regular made in China Vox Wah. Here's the question: Which wah is the best to get the sound I need?

Also, which distortion of the three is the best for this sound?

By the way, I am using a Gibson Les Paul Custom and Fender Mexi Strat through a Fender Blues Deluxe. Thanks so much in advance!
My Gear:

2006 Fender American Strat
'58 Reissue Korina Gibson Flying V
1963 Harmony H53 Rocket
Squier Tele Custom II

Fender Champion 600
The muff and the vox will get you the closest, but not necessarily close.
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