As much as I hate e-bay,

I just HAD to bid on a John Petrucci Mystic Dream model, and OMFG I WON. I believe the value is $2175, or something around two grand, and my winning bid was $1300.

Congratulations, I hope you didn't get screwed over. I want the Petrucci 6-String model bad.
I hope I didn't get screwed over, too. xD.
I would unleash a fury of many volcanos and other natural devastations if it were fake. Ohhh man. I can see the prison bars, now.
Link to ebay auction? They stay around for a while after the bidding finishes. It should be in "My Ebay" under "won."
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Hope it ain't fake.

Oh boy, wouldnt your face be red

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...depends ... I sound sh*t nd i'm James Hetfield!

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Small scratch, not at all enough to displease me, missing back plate, again not important to me, plastic coming off of electronics backplate, third time, not something I worry about.

I just noticed that Petrucci's models don't seem to have locking nuts...O.o. Maybe his tremelo is magical and returns to proper tuning -- or maybe that's wishful thinking. There must be some method to his methodical madness, though I don't play with the tremelo all that often, anyhow.

When I do play with the whammy, it will be on my Ibanez S470DXQM. =D !

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Edit: I noticed that, in my ignorance, the guitar wouldn't need a locking nut, as I believe the Schaller tuners lock, themselves.
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Just so you know, the owner strung that guitar strung incorrectly

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Hope it ain't fake.


my friend bought a fake gibson for 600 once.
sounded like shit.
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