And it won't let me post from the manage attachments cause the pic is too big...

how do I get to the link of the image, not the page that contains the image?
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(Invalid img)

I guess not like that...

You need the full url in there.
And for the future, you have a triple post. You should avoid this in order to dodge a warning. There is an EDIT button in the bottom right corner of your posts, use that next time.

Only 2 posts... I used the edit button.

Oh, above that. Yeah sorry, I was in a hurry.


- If the picture has been uploaded to the web or you found it on a website, you will need the URL of the image which should end in an extension such as .jpg or .gif. Copy and paste this address into your post, and surround it with IMG tags, so it looks like this:

still nothing.

(Invalid img)
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