First things first, here's my gear:

B-52 AT-100 /w stock tubes
LTD F-2005 /w EMG 81s
ESP Decimator for the insane feedback I get from the amp

I also have a Boss GT-6 that I don't even use, mostly because I couldn't get a good sound out of it within a couple hours and I'm impatient.

The tone I'm going for is something a la Black Dahlia Murder. I want punishing chugs but I don't want to sacrifice my highs because we play a lot of harmonies and my end is kind of lackluster.

My problem is I can't seem to cut through when we're playing unless my volume is substantially louder than the other guitar. As far as settings go, I've got my bass at about 2 o'clock, mid at 10ish, and high at about 1. My contour knob is 'active' but rolled all the way back.

I don't know. My chugs just sound so hollow and my highs don't make my ears hurt enough. Any suggestions as to how I can put the GT-6 to good use? I've also considered picking up an Overdrive or Distortion pedal, but I wouldn't even know where to start. It seems kind of silly to get a distortion pedal for a tube amp, so I'd probably grab an overdrive but would that even help improve the depth (I don't know if that's even the right word) of my distortion?
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ok i think these two things would drastically improve and shape your sound into something in the realms of what you're looking for:

OD pedal
MXR 10 band EQ pedal

don't use a processor through a tube amp man! IMO of course, it defeats the purpose.
and yes, an OD would help you out with fattening your sound and thickening it up, adding sustain and also some gain if you want it to. the EQ pedal will be able to shape all of that and fine tune it to your specific tastes.

in the end, YES these two pedals will make a big difference on your sound, even if you can only get one for the time being, in which i'd say OD first.

you might want to consider trading/selling your GT-6 so you can have funds....unless you use it alot for effects, i wouldn't hold on to it. good luck bud!!
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I don't use the GT-6 at all. I bought it for 100 bucks from someone who was just trying to get rid of it. It just sits on the floor of my band space collecting dust.

I'll probably go trade it in and get an OD pedal later on today. The EQ will have to wait.

Thanks though! I'll be back later most likely with more questions.
Yeah, I second the eq pedal suggestion. Also, try to disable the contour button and see what you get. Play with it like that for a day and see if it suits you.

I have my bass at 5, my trebble at 5.5 and my mids at 7 with no contour and it cuts through nicely. Also, too much gain will muddy the sound up. Try to balance the gain with the pre levels and the master.
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I've tried it without the contour and it sounds waaaay too hollow.