Hi folks

Brand new to the forum so i thought i would open up with a new song i recorded a few weeks ago. Kinda finished the video to a degree and uploaded to you tube.

Its an acoustic rock song called "View From My Room" Its basically about my perception of the world around me and the drudgery of day to day life.

Hope you like it and comments are welcomed

Click Here To Watch Video

Many thanks

it sounds good but i dont like the echo like effect on the vocals. its good tho

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I wasnt sure about it at first either i actually have something like 5 different versions of the song but this is the one we all agreed on eventually. Even have a crazy mandolin version

Thanks for the listen and comment

I didn't much like the vocals at the chorus. I can stand them during other parts of the song, like the verse. I didn't like the echo. The guitar sounds good, though. Great tone in the solo.

Just work on the vocal sections a little bit.
It's a pretty good track. Good work.
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Thanks for the crit dude.

I quite like this actually. I do agree with the vocals though, I really think you need to lose the echo on it. Some effect on the voice is definitely a good idea, but something a little more subtle.
The solo and the lead up to it are great, the tone on your solo is pretty nice and its wicked with accoustic strumming and picking behind it.
The outro is good but i think it needs to fade out for longer, it seems to cut off quite quickly at least on youtube, i think it should fade out for ages!

Is this finished or are you still working on it? If you make more changes I definitely wanna hear it!
The song is still in production stage i dont think my music ever gets out of production stage Maybe one day Ya i think i ended the song too soon however the copy i have is around 6 minutes compared to 4 something on you tube so i might try messing around with the alternate ending
I like the start but the bass drum doesnt really seem to fit, but the tamborine(?) works pretty well. Your voice isnt great, kinda monotoney. That one riff doesnt fit at all, it either should match the vocals or be a counter-melody. The echo of the vocals sounds pretty cool but doesnt come at the right time.
I like the guitar work, not so much the vocals though, the chorus is pretty solid vocally.

please check mine out: Thanks!